This is not my kind of day

The Verve Pipe is one of the most talented and influential bands of this generation.


But, they still were a band. This much is true. They had a small measure of success in the late 90’s, and one of their more popular songs was Cup of Tea.

And even though this was the name of the song, Matt somehow always thought Brian Vander Ark was singing, “this is not my kind of day” instead of “this is not my cup of tea”.

I mean, come on Matt. It’s the name of the song. Get with the program.

You know what’s not my cup of tea?

The Verve Pipe.

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  1. Oh, everyone can be forgiven somewhat for bands they liked in the 90s. Watching The Ben Stiller Show recently made me realize just how dated everything is already– only ten years later. We’ll probably be realizing how lame-o 2008 really is pretty soon from now.

  2. Give me enough alcohol and I could sob my way through ‘Freshmen’. I don’t know any of their other songs though.. not even Cup of Tea even though you just said it and I like tea.

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