Three times a Friend-Z

We had a GNO last night. First we embarassed ourselves bowling. Then we ate copious amounts of delicious boneless wings at the Toasted Owl. But we still weren’t quite satisfied.

Then someone had the bright idea to get ice cream. So what do a bunch of 30-something guys do when they crave ice cream? They go to Friendly’s, of course! There was much debate as to what we would get. We joked about sharing a Giant Crowd Pleaser, a sundae containing a massive 12 scoops of ice cream. A couple guys thought maybe the understated charm of a Friend-Z might be more appropriate. But when the “create your own sundae” portion of the menu was discovered, all bets were off.

We all ended up creating our own 5 scoop sundae. For those keeping track, that’s 25 scoops of ice cream between the 5 of us. A whopping 13 more scoops than the Giant Crowd Pleaser. As we all wallowed in self pity, stuffed and full of regret for what we had done, Matt lamented his decision of not getting a Friend-Z. He burst out, “This is like 3 times a Friend-Z!” So I serenaded him, “Once….twice….three times a Friend-Z”.

And that was the last songspeak of the evening.