Thru You, remixing YouTube videos to make new tracks

thru-youKutiman samples music from videos posted by various musicians on YouTube and mixes them together to create original tracks. He calls this Thru You. This laborious process seems to yield some pretty amazing results.

Here’s Kutiman explaining his process:

Now that you’ve seen him explain, check it out.

“I’m New”

Here are all the YouTube videos he used:

Gruntcakes69 – contrabass, funkytradition (Isaac Gutwilik clip) – bongos, Starry9Angel – piano, soulvision (j.j. flueck aka j:loop) – drums, jasonheath (Midwest Young Artists Chamber Ensemble clip) – quintet, XDzard – quartet, KalaniMusic – cabasa, Sketchboxx – rs-09 synthesizer, ElexisTrinity (song: Catharsis) – singer, burnkit2600 – gameboy & moog, retrosound72 – sh-101 synthesizer, hef513 (Juice Lee clip) – mc, craiguitarz – cash register, MikeTheTeacher – multimoog, imagineye (Danny Sorensen) – panart hang drum, PGOAT – ride, cowheadcow – piano2, [private] – singer2, avn89pwe – cello, elf333888 – violin, 215thArmyBand – cymbals

More of these after the jump:

“The Mother Of All Funk Chords”

“This Is What It Became”

“Babylon Band”


“Wait For Me”

“Just A Lady”