Top 5 songs inspired by the 2008 political season… so far

In every political season, the candidates inspire recording artists to record tributes (or try to cash in) to their chosen candidates. We at Songspeak picked 5 at random, and labeled them ‘top 5’ totally arbitrarily. 1,000 points for us! Here they are:

# 5: “Barack Obama” – Coco Tea
Back in March, reggae singer Coco Tea recorded this shout-out tribute to Barack Obama. Never did we realize just how catchy singing someone’s name repeatedly during the chorus could be.

#4: “Raisin’ McCain” – John Rich
John Rich, of popular country band Big & Rich, wrote this McCain rally song. He even performed this song at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

# 3: “Moose Shootin’ Mama” – Pat Garrett
Country singer Pat Garrett of Strausstown, Pennsylvania penned this hit song, a tribute to the Moose Shootin’ Mama herself, Sarah Palin.

# 2: “Yes We Can” – and others
With many actors and musicians pitching in and using Obama’s own words from his famous “Yes We Can’ speech, Black Eyed Peas’ put this song together. It features, among others, ScarJo, John Legend, and that guy from Lost.

# 1: “I Got A Crush… On Obama” – Amber Lee Ettinger A.K.A. Obama Girl
Ah, Obama Girl. Blatant self-exploitation will get you everywhere. This YouTube phenom brought up at office coolers and cocktail parties everywhere led to an appearance on SNL, a Maxim photo shoot, and other such career boosts.

That’s it, folks, except for one honorable mention, a little song about Sarah Palin parasailin’… enjoy!