Tragedy: A metal tribute to the Bee Gees

jivetragedyThere is a band trying to “decimate” the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, Massachusetts on Thursday, October 16th. This band is Tragedy, the “all metal” tribute to the Bee Gees. Someone posted a link to Tragedy’s myspace on MassLive’s SoundBoard forum and it looks like they’re AWESOME.

They play 80s metal versions of popular Bee Gees songs like Stayin’ Alive, Jive Talkin’, How Deep Is Your Love, More Than A Woman, Tragedy, and others.

From MetroMix:

How does one combine heavy metal and the Bee Gees?
It’s easy: We love disco, and we love metal. On the surface, they’re polar opposites, sort of like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, I guess. But it works, and it’s fun to go against the grain.

How did you get so popular so quickly? You’re headlining an 1100 capacity venue.
We’re fucking awesome, that’s the main thing. As we like to say, we rock sweet balls and do no wrong.

What’s with the popularity of tribute bands now?
Our success doesn’t really come from the tribute band scene. We play with some, like this weekend, but we play with some non-tribute bands as well; we’ve played with jam bands like Umphrey’s McGee and punk bands like Murphy’s Law. This isn’t a standard tribute—I mean, it’s songs people know, and that does help—but it’s a concept turned on its head.

Who’s your fanbase?
It varies. See, I think almost everyone like the Bee Gees, and almost everyone loves heavy metal, either genuinely or an ironic way. Admittedly, we don’t get many hardcore Bee Gees fans, but they have a universal appeal.

What’s your stage show like?
It’s mayhem. We have the three brothers up front, singing, playing cowbells, wearing tight white satin. And we have our beautiful back-up singers: Women’s Gibb, Angelpussy, Olivia Newton-Chong and Linda Gibb. Oh, and we have an intern/towel boy named Lance. He’s kind of an idiot.

Tragedy has an album coming out on October 20th called “We Rock Sweet Balls And Can Do No Wrong”.Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees - We Rock Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong You can hear many of the songs on their website, Here’s a video for “Stayin’ Alive”…