Vince McMahon Gets Rickrolled on RAW

Last night was the first night of Million Dollar Mania on Monday Night RAW . Vince McMahon is basically giving away $1,000,000 every week on RAW until he feels like stopping. Fans register on, and are given a password at the beginning of the show. Vince then calls people thoughout the 2 hour broadcast, asks for the password , and gives away some money.

Well, his first phone call (in addition to making three attempts to get through) had unexpected and hilarious results. First of all, it seems Vince McMahon has never dialed a phone before. Second of all, it seems he has no idea what a reverse ringtone is. On top of that, the reverse ringtone in question rickrolled Vince McMahon and the entire RAW audience. I don’t know what’s the funniest part of the video; Vince’s buffoonery, his goofy old man glasses, the reverse ringtone, or the announcers:

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  1. I thought it was an act at first. But I think he just is really THAT confused about reverse ringtones. Or maybe it was technically a reverse ricktone.

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