What time is it?

I was playing poker at a friend’s house Saturday night, and it was getting late. I had to be up early Sunday morning because we had to see what the Easter Bunny had left for Quinn, as well as take her to Six Flags for her big 4th birthday. So, as it was getting later, I asked, “What time is it?” and one of the guys at the table said, “Four thirday” in reference to the old Spin Doctors song. This caught me off guard because he’s actually younger than I am, and it’s not like that was a hugely popular hit by them.

Back in the day, Matt and I used to reference that song all the time in just that way, mainly to annoy our friend Bill, who harbored some sort of deep-seated illogical hatred for the Spin Doctors (even though he’s gone to see them live…figure that one out). This whole situation prompted me to find the video online:

And after rewatching it, good God this song makes no sense. Chris Barron must have been high on the grass or whatever he was ingesting when he wrote this song. Wouldn’t 4:20 have made more sense?

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  1. Just so we’re clear.. at no time have I ever been to a Spin Doctor’s concert.I may have been at a festival that involved them as one of the multiple groups, but if that was the case, at no time during them playing was I anywhere near the stage.

  2. @Bill – All I know is, I remember getting a message on my answering machine once. It was you, saying you were at a “Spin Doctors concert”. There was music in the background. No mention of a festival was made. So the impression that I got was that you specifically went to see the Spin Doctors in concert, and were most likely on stage with them, even though you claimed to hate them. You hypocritical bastard.

    Besides, anyone who truly hated them as much as you claimed to would most certainly have attempted to exterminate them having the opportunity in being in such close proximity to them. Since no attempt was made, I can only assume that you loooooooooove them.

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