What’cha gonna do? Ghostbusters!

Last night playing poker, I was watching the action after getting knocked out.  It was down to the final 5 players, and one of them went all-in.  The guy with the most chips called, and then the last guy, who had the least amount of chips, made a call that was mathematically correct, even though his cards weren’t really good at all.  Turns out the guy who didn’t have very good cards ended up with a full house, winning the hand and tripling up.  We were discussing the hand afterwards, and about how he had to call with garbage, beating two much better hands.  One of the guys said, “What are ya gonna do?”  and then the older lady who runs the tournament and was also watching burst out with, “Ghostbusters!” and started laughing.  She knew that technically, you’re supposed to say that after someone says, “Who ya gonna call?”, but she couldn’t help herself.

And, I mean, really…what child of the 80’s hasn’t songspoken this? Last night reminded me of that, and it also made me search for the original music video. I found it, and boy, had I forgotten what a gem it is. The celebrity cameos are amazing, and Ray Parker, Jr.’s creep factor is through the roof. So I’m gonna post it here. Know why? ‘Cause bustin’ makes me feel good.

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  1. But um.. isn’t the correct followup for “What are you gonna do?” “Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Bad boys bad boys?”

    There are strict rules for these things like “It just goes to show..”, “That is true..”, and “Next thing you know..”

  2. You know on that one my memory is a little on the hazy side.. but if I remember correctly it had something to do with one Miss Angela. Matt might have a clearer memory than I do.

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