Where do you where do you go, my lovely? Uhhhh, McDonald’s, I guess?

I had lunch at McDonald’s today.

And let’s see, I didn’t drive my Delorean there. I didn’t turn a giant frozen donkey wheel prior to leaving the office. I didn’t even get in a phone booth or anything. So why was I transported back to 1996 when I set foot in the restaurant?

As I sat down and got ready to sink my teeth into my double-quarter pounder with cheese meal and its two sear-sizzled grade-A beef patties of goodness, what do I hear playing over the speakers? Why, Where Do You Go? by No Mercy of course. You’d know the song if you heard it. It was one of those dance hits, the style of which was uber-popular in the mid to late 90’s. In fact, until just now, I thought No Mercy was responsible for the following, but it was really Haddaway:

All those friggin’ dance techno groups sounded the same, didn’t they? And who hasn’t bopped their head along to this kind of music like Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan? I’m not sure if that falls under the category of songspeak or dancespeak, but it’s definitely been ingrained in our culture thanks to Saturday Night Live.

And while we’re of the subject of techno dance music, let’s have a (much belated) moment of silence for Melanie Thornton, former lead singer of La Bouche. We never had a chance to be her lover. Be her lover.

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