Where ice cream makes the meal

The latest “I wanna go to Friendly’s” commercials that have been airing lately are really catchy, and though I haven’t been to Friendly’s in a very long time (save for a recent experience in which my friends and I made a horrible horrible mistake), they ALMOST make me want to go. Then again, I’m not sure I want to patronize a place that encourages kids to break into their stores late at night.

Just look at these lyrics…

We snuck into friendly’s late last night
I wanna go to Friendly’s, yeah-yeah
We went to make the menu right
I wanna go to Friendly’s, yeah-yeah

Mini mozzarellas and dippin’ chicken too, cheeseburger sliders, and soda that is blue
Sundaes we designed were in the deal for you
Where ice cream makes the meal!
I want to go to Friendly’s, yeah-yeah

These little brats are so demanding!

They would like to point out that some adults are way into going to Friendly’s also. Given the choice, though, this particular adult avoids Friendly’s most of the time. Still, I find myself singing “mini mozzarellas” over and over again whenever I’ve seen the commercial. Also, speaking of nuts (that’s an ice cream sundae joke for all youze out there), the song and vibe vaguely remind me of the five dollar footlong song for Subway.