Whoa-oa Black Betty, Amberlamps

Thanks to Tosh.0 for bringing my attention to the Epic Beard Man viral video. It’s pretty disturbing, so I won’t embed it here, but you can view it at this link. Basically, a drunk black dude and a racist bearded white idiot exchange words on a transit bus in Oakland, CA, which then escalates into the white guy beating the tar out of the black guy, leaving blood all over the seats and the black guy asking for an ambulance, only he pronounces it “amberlamps”. Apparently this video has created quite a stir, the men involved in the fight have done interviews, and people have done a ton of video mash-ups using it. My favorite by far is this one, which incorporates the video into the video for Ram Jam’s Black Betty. It makes me laugh every time.

As disturbing as it is that this has become such a phenomenon (I mean, can you imagine being on the bus on the way home from work and witnessing something like this?), at least we’re getting some fine entertainment out of it.

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