You got egg on your face, you big disgrace!

eggs We hope all you Easter celebrators out there had a good Easter Sunday. My wife and I went to my mom’s house, where we ate a non-traditional baked scrod (or schrod, if you’re The 99) dinner. Afterwards we colored eggs.

Of course, later, my younger cousins wanted to play the game where each person holds an egg, counts to three, and then smashes egg tip to egg tip to see which one cracks first. The person whose egg is cracked has to eat the egg.

After my cousins did this, there was egg eating going and it was a little messy. When their mother came over and mentioned, “you got egg on your face”, my wife muttered “you big disgrace”, which prompted my other cousin to say, “wavin’ your banner all over the place”. Soon after there was some singing of Queen‘s, We Will Rock You.

I’m sure J.C. would be proud.

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