‘Cause I won’t even move

I was reminded of this misheard lyric of mine from a few years ago when I heard Take a Picture by Filter while grocery shopping this weekend in Big Y.

When the song first came out, I thought Richard Patrick was singing, “Do you wanna take my picture, ’cause I won’t even move” in the chorus. It made sense, because not only is that what it sounds like he says, but who moves while they’re having their photo taken? No one likes blurry pictures.

Matt pointed out the error of my ways and made fun of me for making (what he thought) was such a ridiculous error. He told me how the actual line is “Do you wanna take my picture, ’cause I won’t remember”. True, this line also makes sense, but Matt was put in his place when a co-worker of ours came in on the conversation and agreed that he thought the lyrics were the same as what I thought.

If two people hear the same incorrect words, then the problem surely isn’t solely with the listener. Filter those marbles out of your mouth, guy!