Don’t go chasin’ The Other Guys

Here at Songspeak, we strive to keep our massive fanbase updated with the most current pop culture news and happenings. So it’s no coincidence that this post is about a movie that came out over a month ago referencing a group that existed mainly in the 90’s.

Last night, I found myself with the opportunity to see a movie, so I chose to see The Other Guys. I’m always up for a good Will Ferrell yarn. Now, I won’t give any spoilers about the plot here, but there was one running joke that tickled my funny bone, and it was songspeak related. Michael Keaton played Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg’s characters’ police captain, and throughout the movie, he would reference TLC songs, including:

“Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls”
“I don’t want no scrubs”
“I ain’t too proud to beg”

Will Ferrell’s character calls him out on the TLC references from the start, and the gag is that Michael Keaton’s character continues to insist he has no idea who or what they are. This is never explained, but it continues throughout the movie.

And I think I thought it was funnier than any of the other 7 people in the theater.

RIP, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.

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