Fietti Fail

For some reason, today Matt and I have been talking about NBC’s new primetime game show, Minute to Win It (or, as it was known 60 years ago, Beat the Clock). While I was lunching at my desk, I decided to watch a bit of it online, which in turn caused Matt to watch it as well. So many questions. Why is Guy Fieri hosting this show? And why can’t he roll his R’s, causing him to pronounce his name “Fietti”?

Regardless, it’s a pretty catchy concept, and I’d gladly blow a bubble through a hoop for a chance at $50,000 or even…one meeel-yun dollars. NBC has really been hyping this show over the past few weeks, ingraining the phrase “minute to win it” in our subconscious, and getting Ke$ha’s Tik Tok incessantly stuck in our heads. You’d think after all that, the host of the show would know the name of the show. But, as you can see in this clip from the premiere, that’s not the case. Watch as Guy tells Big Steve he’s “got a win it to minute“:

Nice one, Guy. Back to TGiFriday’s commercials for you.