Ghost Hunters brings Meat Loaf to the table and it’s DELICIOUS

If we only confirm 2 of the 3 reports of paranormal activity, I'd say that ain't bad

Last night’s episode of Ghost Hunters featured Meat Loaf as a special guest. Like many things on Ghost Hunters, it was a surreal experience. “Meat was like a kid in a candy store”. Meat Loaf, who is a big fan of Ghost Hunters, apparently contacted his agent in order to get on the show. When his agent was not taking him seriously, he took it upon himself to start emailing The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). There was talk of an appearance during their live Halloween show also.

For this episode, appropriately titled Bat Out Of Hell, Meatloaf plus crew (Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, Kris Williams, and Ami Bruni) went to Danielle Parody’s estate located on a private island in the Thousand Islands region of upstate NY. Danielle was Syfy’s Great American Ghost Hunt Contest winner.

The Ghost Hunter guys talk about how Meat Loaf got involved. They also talk about how they went go karting with Mr. Loaf.

Here’s Mr. Loaf telling us about how he’s going on a Ghost Hunt. He seems like a 10 year old who is SO EXCITED.

Here’s him reviewing the footage:

Meat Loaf is quite a lunatic. It almost makes me want to see his documentary… Meat Loaf: In Search Of Paradise.