Honda wants you to Respect The Van

respect-the-vanWith its throwback to the custom vans of the 1970s, Honda’s latest ad in its Respect The Van campaign, called “Van Stunts” is a pretty clever way to try and sell the Honda Odyssey minivan. Featuring 70s disco pop theme music and the A-Team van, the Cheech and Chong van, and the T.J. Hooker van performing some vantastic stunts, it’s a humorous (and hopefully effective) way of appealing to potential family customers.

The campaign was developed at Rubin Poistaer & Associates. Hum Music is responsible for the awesome theme.

Here’s another Respect The Van commercial one that starts out with an image of an Odyssey in a lava lamp while P-Funk’s We Want The Funk plays in the background. It continues with a disco ball and ends with some hot tie-die action.

Here’s another one, featuring Heart’s Barracuda.

Damnit, I wish I could find the one with Slow Ride by Foghat. That one was good too.

Thanks to Digason for the tip!