Hot pizza, check it and see

Last Thursday’s episode of The Office (Sex Ed) hilariously incorporated all of Michael Scott’s exes over the past 6 seasons into one convenient plot about herpes. However, one of my favorite moments from the episode was from the B story, which was when Andy took it upon himself to hold a sex education seminar for the rest of the employees in order to learn more about Erin and Gabe’s relationship. The Nard Dog bribed the staff with pizza, and as he arrived with it, he beautifully illustrated the concept of songspeak by altering the lyrics to Hot Blooded by Foreigner and singing:

Hot pizza, check it and see…
Got a whole buncha pepperoni!

Classic. These are my favorite moments of the show. The ones where the characters do dorky things that real people do all the time. Which is exactly what songspeak is.

Maybe Andy should replace Michael Scott when he leaves the show at the end of the season