Jane Says…

Another odd morning of me listening to Pure Rock Lazer 99.3 in the car on the way to work.  But I should listen more often, because I always hear songs that remind me of songstories from the days of yore.  Today, it was Jane Says by Jane’s Addiction.

This goes back to when Matt and I used to work together and carpool just about every day. It was before iPods, and even before either of us had a
CD player
in our cars, if I remember correctly. So we listened to the radio during our commute. And if you haven’t figured it out by now, Matt and I liked to change various lyrics to songs, often in the heat of the moment (telling us what our hearts meant). It is, after all, the basis of this site.

But anyway, Matt belted out some of the more memorable lyrics when Jane Says was playing. Now, the actual lyrics that it begins with are, “Jane says, I’m done with Sergio, he treats me like a ragdoll“.

"That's it...just a little closer to my mouth...yeeeesssss"

But out of nowhere, Matt sings with all his heart, “Jane says, would you poop into my mouth…’cause I would like to eat it!” I think I may have even lol’ed, but now those words are ingrained in my mind whenever I hear that song. Kind of like “once upon a box is hot“.

Is it gross? Sure. But so were most of our alternate lyrics when we were just riffing. Shit eating, ball licking, jizz mopping, buttfucking…it was all fair game. Ah, the days of our youth. We’re both grown up and married now, but every now and then, we’ll catch ourselves changing the lyrics of a popular tune into something less than savory. Because you can’t stop what you feel in your heart.

So a little lesson from us here at Songspeak: Be true to yourself. And never let the man get you down.