MST3K, Joe Estevez, and paper

MST3KI used to love Mystery Science Theater 3000 back in the day. It’s been off the air for years, but oddly enough, it’s come up for me twice this week.

The first time was on Monday, when I was playing poker at the VFW. For some godforsaken reason, they had Two and a Half Men on the TV (and man that show is awful). I wasn’t paying attention, but apparently Emilio Estevez had a cameo, and there was talk of him and Charlie Sheen being brothers. An epic discussion then broke out at our table about them having different last names and Martin Sheen being there dad. One of the guys didn’t realize they were brothers because they have different last names, and I said that I thought Estevez was their real last name and Sheen was the stage name. I then asked if anyone ever watched MST3K, soultakerand oddly enough, most of the younger guys were fans. I asked if any of them watched it in the later years when it was on the SciFi channel, because in one of the later episodes, they watched a movie called Soultaker Joe_estevezJoe Estevez, Martin Sheen’s brother. That was one of my favorite MST3K episodes. I think they may have watched another movie with Joe Estevez in it at some point, which isn’t surprising, given his lengthy film resume according to IMDB. I get the impression that most of them are stinkers, if Soultaker is any indication.

Anywho, there was also a theatrical MST3K movie in which Mike Nelson and the robots watched This Island Earth. Matt and I rented it once years ago (on VHS, before DVD’s and Netflix), and there was one little part that we still reference to this day. I’m reminded of it, because it was on HBO Family last night and I watched part of it. The hunky scientist lead character receives this thing from outer space, and there’s a book in it. thisislandearthHis little nerdy assistant wearing glasses was looking at it with him, and as the hunky dude is turning the pages, he says, “This isn’t paper, this is some sort of metal” and Tom Servo, imitating the nerdy guy, says, “No, it’s paper” after he touches the pages. It’s a lot funnier if you’re watching it, believe me.

Well, that’s my moviespeak story. Matt and I still crack out the “it’s paper” nerdy voice every now and then. Why, I don’t know. Stop badgering me!

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