Once Upon a Box is Hot

Sitting in my office listening to the radio (mix 93.1 to be exact) with Runaround by Blues Traveler playing, I’m reminded of one of the most ridiculous songspeaks I’ve ever been a part of.

When Matt and I both worked at Silver Screen together, we’d carpool most days. We’d always sing along with the radio and make our own lyrics, the usual end-of-the-workday zaniness. Every day, we would pass the Dunkin Donuts, but at one point, they were remodeling it. Through the window, written on the wall next to an electrical box/circuit breaker of some sort was written in large block letters, “BOX IS HOT”. Well, one day as we drove by, Runaround was on the radio and one of us sang, “Once upon a box is hot…” and the other finished with “That’s the Dunkin Donuts they remodeled!” to the tune of the song. It stuck, and we can’t think of anything else whenever we hear that song.

And speaking of Dunkin Donuts, who doesn’t absolutely love doin’ things? I know doin’ things is what I like to do (YES!). Also a very popular songspeak in and of itself.