Paula Cole is the pits

Matt and I had a brief IM conversation this morning resulting from I Don’t Want to Wait by Paula Cole playing on the radio:

jamie: wearing shrap-NEL in his SKIN
jamie: that was just on the radio
matt: how nice for you
matt: I don’t hate any songs more than that one
jamie: really? ANY songs?
matt: I can’t think of a single song I hate more
jamie: wow…including Celine Dion? Whitney Houston?
matt: them i can tolerate
matt: if I need to
jamie: you don’t wanna wait? for your life to be over?
matt: but Paula Cole is like nails on a chalkboard for me, which come to think of it, still sounds better than Paula Cole

Ever since the song came out, we’ve made fun of the way she sings “wearing shrapnel in his skin”, but until this conversation, I never quite realized the level of hatred that Matt has for her. Not that I’m a fan by any means. Hearing the song and having this conversation reminded me of many years ago when Matt and I were staying at his cousin Eric’s apartment near Boston for some reason, and we were planning on getting tickets to see Radiohead at the Worcester Centrum later that summer. Tickets went on sale the morning we were at Eric’s, so I called Ticketmaster or whoever the hell you’d call back then to order concert tickets, but since they had just gone on sale, it was hard to get through, and I was put on hold. And the entire time I was on hold (at least 15-20 minutes, possibly much longer), I Don’t Want to Wait by Paula Cole was played on a loop. Part of me thought whoever set that up was incredibly clever, and part of me wanted to find them and kill them in cold blood.

I don't wanna wait, for my brains to be blown out...

Speaking of Paula Cole and Boston, she performed at the first Mixfest in Boston that Matt and I went to, along with our friends Lisa and Erica. We stayed at Eric’s apartment that weekend as well. When Paula Cole came on stage, Erica climbed up into a tree to get a better view of Paula’s hairy armpits while Matt, Lisa, and I wandered off to do something a lot less depressing. I think we went to see the Holocaust Memorial. We were also there for most of Third Eye Blind’s set as well.

Anyway, long story short: Matt hates Paula Cole and she has hairy pits. And eff Radiohead for making me listen to her song for an eternity.

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