Phew, for a minute there, I’ll ask myself

Matt’s a big Radiohead fan, and I remember both of us really liking OK Computer when it came out. We even went to see them in concert at the Worcester Centrum. Paranoid Android got me hooked on the album, and then Karma Police caught on as well. Matt and I would listen to that CD all the time, and at one point, I was singing along, and I sang, “For a minute there, I’ll ask myself”. Well, we both tend to correct each other if we hear the other one singing incorrect lyrics, and this was no exception. Matt alerted me to the fact that Thom Yorke actually sings, “For a minute there, I lost myself”. Which makes much more sense.

Songspeak bonus story: While a bunch of us were hanging out at Matt’s once, we had this CD playing. Our friend Joe, who we haven’t seen or talked to in quite some time, arrived to hang out as well, and Karma Police was playing. And he just uttered, “This is what I get, I guess”. It was this comment that caused us to include Karma Police on the inaugural songspeak mixtape, Songspeak’s Greatest Hits Volume 1.

The song has one strange video. Thom Yorke sure is a weird lookin’ dude.

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