Russell Brand hosts 2008 MTV Video Music Awards

480x480 Probably the best parts of Forgetting Sarah Marshall came from British comedian and actor, Russell Brand. In the movie, Brand played Sarah Marshall’s (Kristen Bell‘s) new boyfriend Aldous Snow, lead singer of the (fictional) band Infant Sorrow.

Russell Brand will be hosting MTV’s 2008 Video Music Awards, Sunday, September 7th, and I think he’ll be an amusing host, even if the VMAs tend to be real turdmuffins most of the time.

The MTV promo videos he recorded are quite amusing….

Great, isn’t it? Russell Brand really cracks me up. And of course, they showed snippets of this in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so I couldn’t resist posting Infant Sorrow’s entire brilliant video for their song, We’ve Got To Do Something

And here’s their video for Inside of You.

Now if only I could find video of A Taste For Love