That’s why I say Colin Hay, man, nice show. What a good show, man.

Last night, my wife and I went to see Colin Hay (former lead singer of Men at Work) perform at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun (or, as he called it, “the den of the wolf”). He’s touring in support of his new CD, American Sunshine. This is my fourth time seeing him perform (the first being at the Wolf Den a few years ago, and then twice at the Iron Horse in Northampton), and he put on a great show once again. One of the highlights was his wife, Cecilia Noel’s crazy interpretive dance to most of his songs (my wife referred to her as “whimsical”, but I’ll stick with “crazy”), and, of course, her air flute and redick flute-sounds when they played Down Under. Thankfully, they played Overkill (I remember when I emailed my friend Brian awhile back that I was going to see Colin Hay at Mohegan Sun, his email reply was simply “ghosts appear and faaaaaade awaaaaaaaay”), but missing from the set was one of my favorites to hear him play live, Be Good Johnny. Regardless, it was no mistake going to see him again. Below is a dramatization of the event: