Yo the A/C vent knobs look like some oreos!

A lot of rappers tend to rap about how much money they have and feature their fancy whips in their music videos. Not Seattle rapper, Grynch, whose song, “In My Volvo” is possibly the best music tribute to the Volvo 240 “The Brick” that’s ever existed.

Interview from Billboard.com

Your lyrics are honest and self-deprecating; your best-known track, “My Volvo,” is a love letter to your ’86 Volvo. Why stay honest and not spin yarns about babes and sports cars?

Man, I’m from [middle-class Seattle neighborhood] Ballard. There is nothing bling or gangsta about someone from Ballard, and I just can’t front like that. It doesn’t make sense to me to lie about who I am or what I love. I rap about my car and the fact that Ballard is gentrifying and Denny’s is now a condo building because that’s what I know. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to Jay-Z and I love hearing him talk big, but at least he really lives it. A lot of guys, it’s all borrowed for the photo shoot.

V-O-L-V-O…. my Volvo.

“I’ve laughed in that car/I’ve cried in that car/Knock on wood, man, I’ll probably die in that car.”