You bet your sweet Aspercreme!

This past Thursday, Jo and I headed to Foxwoods for an afternoon of poker and The Price is Right Live Stage Show later that evening.  The show was, in a word, awesome.  All of our favorite Price is Right games were featured, and host Todd Newton was funny, charismatic, and entertaining.  However, this post isn’t about the show itself.  It’s about something during the show that reminded me of one of the best ad campaigns ever.

Hole-in-One (or Two!) featured a contestant trying to guess the prices of products in ascending order. One of those products was Aspercreme Heat. Jo leaned over to me and told me that if she were up on stage, she’d reply to Todd Newton with, “You bet your sweet Aspercreme, Todd”.

This took us back to 2005 and Aspercreme’s phenomenal ad campaign in which their jingle gleefully proclaimed, “You bet your sweet Aspercreme!”. Until retards like this got their panties in a bunch, forcing the company to change the jingle to the infinitely less entertaining (and less memorable) “You bet if it’s Aspercreme!”. When the updated ads started airing, it was blantantly obvious that it had changed, and if I’ve proven anything in the past, I really dislike it when companies change their commercials slightly and pretend nothing has happened. Shame on Chattem for caving in to a bunch of self-righteous assholes and ruining entertaining early evening syndication advertising for everyone. Still, the updated versions are still miles ahead of this abomination.

So, to review, effin’ oss:

The one with the newer jingle is so lame that there are no videos of it anywhere on the interweb. Pwned.

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